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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Metal Gods? 

Metal Gods is an ongoing digital comic by writer and artist Von Allan. If you like action, adventure, 'splosions, and good old fashioned storytelling, we think it will be right up your alley.

Here's a quick and dirty synopsis: Nick and his girlfriend, Lou, weren't expecting to run across cults and devil worship when they went looking for his wayward parents. They also weren't expecting demonic possession, heavily armed thugs, and car chases...or that they would end up starting a battle that just might save the entire world!

Do I have to be into Heavy Metal to like it?

No, no, of course not. Metal Gods is all about invoking the spirit of heavy metal rather than requiring readers to have any specific knowledge of it.

But (whoa, spoilers!) the title just doesn't refer to heavy metal, either. We'll get into that more deeply as the series unfolds.

How soon will this thing be available in print?

That's a tricky question. A lot is going to depend on how well the comic is received and what the demand is. We here at Von Allan Studio love both digital comics and good ol' print comics and we're perfectly happy if Metal Gods only appears as digital comic.

That certainly doesn't rule out print comics, though.  If you'd like to see it in print, let us know.

How do I buy it?

The easiest way is through comiXology. Click here to preview issue 1 over on comiXology.
ComiXology uses a lot of DRM, though, right? I hate DRM. Any other options?

You bet. There are links to PDFs that are completely DRM-free. Just click the button near the top of the page. Or click here. The only drawback is that these won't have ComiXology's snazzy Guided View technology, but they'll still look awesome on tablets, laptops, and desktops.

We're also going to set-up CBR and CBZ options in the near future, too.

How much does each issue cost?

99 cents US.

Which we think is pretty comparable to the old days of comics. What do we mean by “old days?” Well, back in 1968, the Federal Minimum Wage of the United States was $1.60 per hour. A typical comic book from the same year cost $0.12. Or approximately 7.50% of an hour's wage.

Nowadays, a print comic costs $2.99 while minimum wage is $7.25 - a whopping 41.2% of an hourly wage.

So we think that 99 cents for the same minimum wage (about 13.6% of an hourly wage) is about right.

When is the new issue coming out?

The first issue debuted on comiXology on June 11th, 2014! Please subscribe to the RSS feed the following address for news on future issues:

Alternatively, follow us on Twitter and you'll see new releases get listed there, too.

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Metal Gods FAQMetal Gods FAQMetal Gods FAQ

TV Interview

Von and Metal Gods

Von Allan author photo for the Ottawa-based newspaper Perspectives Vanier

Publishing Information

ISSN 2292-7654

ISBN for Issue 1: 978-0-9781237-6-5

ISBN for Issue 2: 978-0-9781237-7-2

ISBN for Issue 3: 978-0-9781237-8-9

About Metal Gods

Nick Connelly was a hard-working guy; he'd been a heavy metal roadie, a mechanic, a steel worker, and even a volunteer firefighter. He liked his adventures blue-collar and down to earth...unlike his wayward parents, Art and Wanda, a flaky duo whose own adventures took them from one charismatic charlatan to another. Nick and his girlfriend, Lou, were used to the postcards they got, filled with glowing words about the newest savior; Nick and Lou rolled their eyes but Art and Wanda always came back eventually, a little lighter in the wallet but happy...until, one time, they didn't.

As the weeks and months passed without any sign of the pair, Nick and Lou finally packed up the ole van and set off to find them...and what they found was worse than they could've imagined. Art and Wanda hadn't just taken up with another religious salesman in a cookie-cutter suburb somewhere...this time they'd sworn allegiance to a truly evil force; an ancient demon that existed only to tear the universe apart. Wipe out humanity. Poison the world. And it had the power and minions to do it, too. Nick and Lou only had each other to draw on...their courage; their love; and, of course, their van.

So, it's Nick and Lou against zealous cultists, supernaturally altered humans, well-armed flesh 'n blood thugs, and a powerful corporation, each of whom wants the demonic power for themselves. And the prize? Not just the safety of Art and Wanda...but the future of the entire world.

Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts

Council for the Arts in Ottawa logo

Metal Gods has been funded by the Council for the Arts in Ottawa through the Corel Endowment Fund for the Arts.

Biographical Info

Von Allan - Writer and Artist

has been living and breathing comics in the Great White North for a number of years and has built an active and well-respected presence in the larger comics community. He has written, penciled, and inked a number of short stories and two full-length, original graphic novels. Both books were well received by fans, retailers, and critics and continue to sell today: the road to god knows..., the heartwarming story of a teenager growing up with a schizophrenic mother; and Stargazer, an all-ages sci-fi/fantasy adventure.

Sam Boswell - Editor

Sam Boswell has been finding dangling modifiers, correcting spelling, and fixing misused apostrophes in fiction, non-fiction, university theses, graphic novels, technical manuals, and government bureaucratese for almost 20 years. She lives in Ontario, Canada, and, when she's not solving language problems for other people, she can be found deep in a book, untangling yarn, or digging in the garden.

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